Week in Review-Putting on the Old Running Shoes Again

I feel like lately I’ve been running more than usual.  I had all but stopped running during the week just prior to the LNT Marathon and had even less motivation to run following the race.  I mostly stuck to Crossfit workouts and the occasional cycling class.  Lately however, the fire has been stoked once again and I’m back running a bit here and there.  Each time I step away from running, I remark how good it feels to take a break from it but it’s always there, waiting for me to return.

Here is the last week of training (spoiler alert-it included a few unplanned rest days!)

Monday: Woke up with pain and pressure in my sinuses and just feeling utterly exhausted.  I mean it’s always tough to wake up at 4something am but this day just felt harder than usual.  I went back to sleep in my running clothes and woke up feeling better.

Tuesday: Back at it at the gym. It was a double metcon day and all I remember is an absurd amount of wallballs which made me question my decisions to come to the gym (just kidding, kind of)

Wednesday: Another day of waking up feeling not so good.  This one I blame on the copious amount of indulgence from the day before-think burgers and fries, cupcakes, etc.  It was my birthday so no regrets but also, no workouts.

This is how the night ended so you can see why my 5am workout just wasn’t in the cards

Thursday: 5 miles @ 5 am with my MRTT crew.  I have missed this group so so much and have been going back the past few weeks.  Damn it feels good to reconnect with some old friends.


Friday: Crossfit in the morning and then the amazing opportunity to run with my friend Heather, who ran 40 miles on her 40th birthday.  I joined her for the last 7 or so miles.  It was an honor to spend time with her and also a pretty nice way to start the weekend for me.

A random Friday afternoon of trail running

Saturday: I slept in and joined the later crossfit class for a long metcon with too many burpee box jumps.

Sunday: Not only was it daylight savings which meant the sun was up when I started running, but I ran with the Sunday MRTT group! 6.33 miles and some coffee and conversation after.

My Sunday MRTT group

Total: 18.29 miles and 3 crossfit workouts.  Not bad for the offseason!

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