Training and Baby, Week 15

Hello from week 15! This is the first week where I really felt pregnant from a physical perspective. I was walking back to the squat rack at the gym and just noticed my belly kind of there. I’ve also begun to notice it during rowing, bird dogs, pigeon pose and as of today push-ups.  When I wasn’t pregnant, I always talked about how much I loved being pregnant. I still do for the moment and am again blessed with an easy pregnancy (again, at the moment) but am wondering when the inevitable discomfort will set it.

I’m also now getting comments from strangers about my belly which feels so funny to me as I’m still walking around thinking that I probably don’t look pregnant yet. A funny moment from a few weeks ago was when I asked my friend Nicolette if I could hide my pregnancy from someone I wasn’t yet ready to share it with. She literally burst out laughing and yelled no! I’m still laughing about that moment!

Will not be hidden:


How I’m Feeling: 

Pregnant! But not in an uncomfortable way… (yet.) I definitely cannot hide it right now other than in pictures where I’m still able to somewhat pose in a way in which I do not have a prominent bump. I haven’t yet shared on social media and I’m not sure if or when I will. Not quite ready to let everyone in just yet.  I did however have pics taken this week for an announcement and I love how they turned out! If you’ve seen me in IG pics up to this point, you may be wondering if I’m pregnant or eating a lot of food but still not quite one hundred percent. Not sure how long that’ll last as I have a really prominent bump! I’m still having a lot of heartburn and thinking I may need to start taking something other than tums.  Sleep has been ok. I’m still waking up a few nights per week but am usually able to fall back to sleep in an hour or two which is better than not at all. I noticed that laying on my back and stomach is getting uncomfortable which is fine because I’m a side sleeper.

What I’m eating: 

Still craving lots of fresh fruit and smoothies. I usually try and steer away from smoothies due to more sugar than I’m comfortable consuming but I did get some veggie juice a few times this week. I’m also craving fast food which is so odd for me! I finally indulged in some chicken nuggets after several days of trying to repress the urge. Hoping that craving is out of my system! Still eating eggs and lentils for breakfast, salad and a hard boiled egg for lunch with fruit, carrot sticks and guacamole. I mentioned last week that I’m not feeling quite as ravenous which is a relief. And I’m back to being able to workout in a fasted state which is my non pregnant norm.

What I’m wearing:

Still squeezing into non maternity old navy leggings but that may not last much longer. Still wearing the same two pairs of Lulu aligns to the gym. My regular tanks are stretching a fitting comfortably over my belly. Otherwise, I think everything is maternity. I even got a bigger bra yesterday and am so much more comfortable! I also picked up a new windbreaker to run in as most of my running gear is too tight. I have a race this wekend (a 4 hour!) and it’s 100% chance of rain so this purchase was necessary! Bonus was that it was less than $25!


Week 15 started with a Saturday 3 person partner Wod. We named ourselves Bitches Fuck Shit Up haha!

We then did a 90 minute squat and clean clinic. And while I didn’t lift anything heavier than the barbell, I was so damn sore the following day! Following that, we hiked a few miles.

I ran 6 miles on Sunday and shared my pregnancy with more MRTT friends

The rest of the week was crossfit everyday. I even managed to PR my deadlift this morning at 210 lbs. Didn’t feel like I would be able to do it but then the other more competitive part of me entered the conversation and had some determination. Once that bar came up a few inches, I knew I had it in the bag.

In terms of modifications, I mentioned leg lifts are out. I’ve now cut out sit ups and push ups as I’m noticed coning in my belly which is an indication of ab separation and to be avoided if possible. I think single unders will be out soon as I’m feeling some pressure in my lower abdomen during jumping. Box jumps however feel ok

What I’m wondering:

How many miles I’ll run this weekend at my race. Will the rain dampen my spirts (pun intended!). How I’ll recover now that I’ve got a tiny human along for the ride.  We’ll find out soon enough!

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