Training and Fitness and Life Week 13

I have no idea how far along I’ll be when I finally post this but I figured I’d start writing and decide later. Week 13 brought my first modification and what feels like an a huge (but in all actuality it’s really not) bump.  This was the first week that a patient (who aren’t know for their filters) asked if I was pregnant so to me, that symbolizes I’m showing.  I can’t really hide it now-it’s real!

How I’m feeling: 

I had a really good week.  We got the results of our NIPT testing and received the all clear for some genetic conditions.  I knew that as soon as I heard the nurses voice on the phone (as opposed to the doctor), we were in the clear.  At that point, I felt like I could breathe just a little easier and start sharing my pregnancy without the disclaimer of “it’s still really early so you never know”. I haven’t yet shared with the majority of people but at this point, family, people I train with and many coworkers know. Physically I’m feeling really good.  Still dealing with pregnancy acne but my skin was never that great to begin with.  Sleep has been good which is likely due to the B6+Unisom I’m taking before bed to combat any leftover nausea. I’m probably good to stop taking that but I’m fearful I’ll go back to nightly insomnia so we’ll see.  I wake 2-3 times at night to pee but have no trouble falling back to sleep. I still do my fair share of tossing and turning especially after midnight but that’s typical of me not pregnant.

On another exciting front, I started planning a sprinkle with my sister in law.  At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do to this. I’m a second time mom, yes there are things I need but I don’t want my friends to come out once again to celebrate in a way that you typically don’t do for number 2 (though I know it’s becoming more common). Yet on the other hand, I didn’t get the opportunity to celebrate my pregnancy or birth much last time. Both my parents were extremely ill during my pregnancy and my mom died when Liam was just 11 weeks old. The last few months of my pregnancy and the first of his life were spent dealing with the medical crises affecting our family. I didn’t and don’t look back resentfully on those months but reflecting back, I also don’t feel like I got to spend those months being a new mom and adjusting to this new role.  I was thrusted into caring for my parents at the same time as a newborn. This time around, I want the opportunity to slowly segue into parenthood without all the external

What I’m eating:

Standard breakfasts lately have been scrambled eggs with veggie sausage (not a vegetarian anymore but these looked good at the grocery the other day). Lunch is still my go to salad with veggies and a scrambled egg.  I’ve also been eating some carrots and guac at lunch plus some berries and maybe a mini kind bar. I’ve been eating greek yogurt on my commute home and dinners have been whatever I can make easily-think canned chilim tuna fish, soup-no shame, it’s delicious.

What I’m wearing: 

90% maternity clothes as of this week. I am still wearing non maternity leggings but all pants have some sort of panel. I also upgraded this week to exclusively maternity shirts for work. I just like that they fit better and don’t leave people wondering if it’s a bump or a burrito.  For workouts, I’m rocking my Lulu Aligns exclusively with my always favorite non maternity tank from the Gap. For running, it’s been a bit more difficult.  My leggings are tight as is my winter running coat.  I’m really hoping for warm weather soon so I can wear my much more bump friendly shorts and tees.

On the workout front: 

Pretty standard for me: runs on both days of the weekend, and then M, T, W, Fri at the gym. I had been running once during the week but it’s been super hard for me to get up at 4 something in the morning every single day of the week so I usually end of sleeping in on Thursdays.  I really do crave that Thursday off. I ran my furthest pregnant distance this week-13.35 miles.  It was slow but I did it. I could feel the fatigue building in my legs at the end but I have to imagine that’s due to my lack of cumulative mileage and not necessarily pregnancy.

Mid 13 miler. Taken after one my many pee stops

What I’m wondering:

Thinking about when/if I’ll cut back on running. I want to be really careful to ensure that I’m running because I love to run and not because I feel it’s something I have to do. I wondering about piston breathing-I need to do more research on this technique. Wondering what the next modifications will be and whether or not my body will tell me (like everyone tells me will happen)


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