Training and Baby, Week 18

Rolling into week 18:

How I’m Feeling: pretty damn good! After last weeks fluke morning sickness (maybe), I’ve felt pretty good. Sleep has been good as well- I haven’t had to sleep on the couch in over a week. I’m tired at the end of the day but I’m pretty sure I’d feel similarly not pregnant. Waking up at 4:15 with few full rest days is a challenge but I’d like to keep it up for as long as I can. With the weather warming up, I’m eager to be even more active, as I know once summer really sets in, I’ll probably not want to be running in the heat so much!

What I’m eating

I got a wonderful new cookbook this week: Cook Once, Eat All Week” that so far, I love! All our meals this week came from the cookbook. The idea is simple: cook a few large batches of some main ingredients on Sunday, put them together for dinners during the week. Here’s what we ate this week:I learned that each recipe ends up with about six servings which equaled lots of delicious leftovers for us this week. Still eating my usuals through out the week. No major cravings other than I feel like I need a banana post workout which I eat as soon as I get in the car.

What I’m wearing:

90% maternity clothes


Week 18 started with a run on Saturday with my CrossFit girls, followed by class and then an overhead clinic

Sunday, we did a 3 mile hike to check out the Bluebells which are blooming this week

Monday through Wednesday was more CrossFit and I was even able to sneak in a slow, 3.5 mile, 70° run in on Wednesday evening before a fun girls night out. I slept in Thursday (I had a cheese plate hangover) and was back at the gym Friday.

Modifications this week included using ab mats and a 45lb plate to modify burpees- it’s complicated to explain by basically I’m protecting my belly by elevating my hands and thighs. I’ve also been a bit more liberal about using lower weights during metcons. I also stopped doing box jumps on the advice of my coach. Thinking that I’ll probably need to eliminate pull ups soon as well- getting on and off the box to reach the bar is becoming a little challenging and I’m feeling some pulling in my lower abdomen. I’m feeling a similar pulling in my abdomen during running as well so that may be put on the back burner soon too but we’ll see.

What I’m wondering:

Still questioning what I’ll do about race distance at the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. I’m going to give a long run one more attempt and then I’ll decide from there. If not the half, then likely the 10k.

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