Fitness and Baby, week 19

Week 19

How I’m feeling:

I still say that overall, I feel good. But, I feel pregnant. Which means that by the end of the day, energy is wavering, I feel huge and unmotivated. Which is why 5am workouts are crucial at this point! As far as my sleep goes, it’s has been unusually good which makes the early morning wake up very doable. Heartburn is happening daily but Pepcid usually knocks it out.

And I’m starting to feel pretty regular baby kicks! I know I am in the sweet spot of pregnancy and thus, this is about as good as things are going to feel which I try to remember when I feel like life is kicking my ass.

Our 19 week ultrasound

What I’m Eating:

I had a pretty epic craving the other day which culminated in a Herculean effort by many people to procure a bag of these:They were delicious. Otherwise, no other weird or odd cravings or aversions. I’m still loving the “Cook Once, Eat All week” cookbook and have been cooking out of there a few nights a week.

What I’m wearing:

Same-mostly maternity. Not sick of it it yet. Ordered a new dress for an event that I’m excited to wear next week! Also, eyeing a pair of Birkenstock’s for the swollen ankle phase that I think will happen at some point.


I started the week out with a rest day on Saturday- trying to get about two in a week and I’ve been consistent with that. The days vary week to week which is nice because I have the flexibility to choose based on how I’m feeling. Sunday was my longest run since the Mini Ultra; a 10plus mile loop of my friend Rachel’s neighborhood:I felt great despite after stopping twice to pee- after that, though slow, I didn’t feel that constant bladder pressure. I’m going to experiment a bit with KT tape on my belly to see if that helps to manage the pressure too.

I attended CrossFit Monday- Wednesday and felt good. I did the Wednesday workout at RX:


Barbell front squats 65lbs

Kettle bell swings 35lbs

400 meter run

And I finished first! Granted, I know that some members may have held themselves back, but I didn’t care!

I also got in another run (weekday runs have been lacking) on Thursday morning with one of my CrossFit girlfriends and it felt great. Pace is dramatically slow; comfortable pace is now 11+ minute miles, and I’m ok with that.

What I’m wondering:

I got some interesting news at the doctor and I’m wondering how it will impact my pregnancy going forward. Also still wondering about The Cleveland half- that ten miler was a confidence booster but still not 100% in….one more week to go!


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