Fitness and Baby, Week 20

Week 20

I think this pic makes me look smaller than I look in actuality.

Here are two pics from later that day that show the contrast in angles

How I’m Feeling: Can’t complain. I had one day of nausea/fatigue where I left work early. On the way home, I could hardly keep my eyes open which was weird given that it was only 2 in the afternoon. Once home, I slept for a solid two hours and felt fine when I woke up. I really think this is delayed onset pregnancy nausea and fatigue. Otherwise, no major issues. I’m feeling the baby move daily now. I can almost always feel it move now when I’m sitting still and laying down. I also was able to see the baby kick this week as well and I can’t wait for more of those big movements.

What I’m Eating: 

I am LOVING anything picked right now. I made tacos on Monday night just so I could have a vehicle for pickled red onions. I also insisted on going to the same taco place we had eaten at the previous week, again for pickled red onions. So maybe the actual craving is tacos with pickled red onions? At any rate, I want to quick pickle everything right now.

What I’m wearing: 

I’ll probably ditch this question soon because the answer hasn’t changed-mostly maternity. I’m still able to wear regular tank tops for workouts and running plus I’m wearing the Lulu Aligns for ALL workouts at this point which is both good and bad. They’re great for crossfit but at this point in the year, a little too warm for running. I’m super picky about shorts as is and just haven’t put forth the effort to find a pair to accommodate my bump. My friend Rachel suggested shorts in a size large plus a support belt so that could be an option.


I went to the 6am Crossfit Class on Saturday which was a nice change as I feel like it had been a few weeks since I’d made it to the class. The WOD involved some running and while I wasn’t the slowest, it’s clear that I’ve drastically slowed down. I’m not no longer doing anything while hanging from the bar, however, I think I may try hanging knee raises to help with some ab work as I seem to be coning with  just about everything I do. Sunday (mothers day), I met Rachel for an 8 mile loop and our last long run before the Cleveland 1/2 marathon. We met our husband and families for brunch after which was the perfect way start to this weird holiday.

Happy Mother’s Day to us

I went to Crossfit Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I did my last little run on Thursday; a quick and fast 3 miler just to shake my legs out. I took Friday off in anticipation of a weekend of running. Interestingly, my legs were SO sore after the 3 miles which I think may have had to do with the pace we ran-about 9:55-10 minute pace which is pretty hard for me these days. I can keep up a conversation at that pace but I feel like I’m working exceptionally hard.

Next up: The Cleveland Marathon VIP Reception, 8k and 1/2 marathon!!

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