Fitness and Baby, Weeks 21 & 22

These past few weeks have been kind of a whirlwind so I’m going to combine the two into one post.

Week 21

Week 22

How I’m Feeling:

After completing the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 8k/half marathon challenge, I overall would say I recovered really well. I took the Monday after the race completely off but felt good enough to get back into the gym on Tuesday. I then traveled to Nashville for work from Tuesday-Friday and despite the super hot temps (low 90’s), I felt great, albeit a little sweaty. I did notice myself needing to put my feet up a bit during the draining but think that had to do with sitting all day. I still tried to get in 10,000 steps or so a day each day of the training which helped but I don’t think I realized how my active job really ensures I stay feeling good each day, at least in this stage or pregnancy. I’ve continued to have some weird recurrences of nausea/stomach upset which I mentioned in previous posts. I had some limited nausea around weeks 6-8 which were very manageable and subsided quickly, but these episodes have been a little more intense. After getting back from Nashville, I decided to re institute the B6 and Unisom before bed and (knock on wood) I haven’t had any issues in the last almost week, so I’m going to continue taking that for the time being.

At my 20 week appointment, the midwife said I should be feeling movement everyday and I am. I’ve begun to notice some patterns with timing as well.

I also had a really weird episode on Wednesday evening of this week where I became extremely nauseated at the smell of the dinner I was cooking (eggroll in bowl). Chris had to finish making dinner. I thought maybe it was the raw ground chicken, however, I came extremely close to vomiting when I took a bite. I then had to leave the house because the smell was overpowering. I grabbed some good old fashioned comfort food from Panera for dinner.

Necessary Panera

What I’m wearing:

I think this is the last time I’ll include this question: 99% maternity clothing at this point.

What I’m Eating: 

I had a couple delicious things while I was in Nashville; namely an amazing vegan dinner (am not vegan) at the Nashville Sunflower Cafe and an amazing donut from Five Daughters Bakery.  

Otherwise, I’m still eating pretty typically aside from that weird aversion I wrote about above. I feel hungry a lot of the time but that is actually not all that different than my usual non pregnant appetite. Cold fruit still sounds good….as does dessert!

Wanted a smoothie. Until I got one and the. I didn’t want it anymore


As I mentioned above, I took a day off after running the 8k and half marathon but was back in gym after that. Wednesday-Friday of week 21 were hotel workouts for me. I did a mix of treadmill running which just didn’t feel good but I think had more to do with the mind numbing quality of the ‘mill and the fact that I left my ear buds at home. I also did dumbbell strength every day.

Hotel wods

After getting home on Friday evening, I was ready for a good ass kicking Crossfit workout the next day so I joined the 6am workout at my gym…..where my WOD partner told me I looked big 2 seconds before the workout started. Nice.

On Sunday, I ran the Blossom Time 5.25 miler. I can’t find my post from last year but this was my 7th time running this event, 2nd time running it pregnant. Goal was to beat my prior pregnant time and I did by over 3 minutes! I also felt good enough to stay after the race to attend the carnival and the parade-a feat in endurance even when not pregnant!

On Monday, Memorial day, I participated in my 3rd Murph with a huge turnout from my gym. I modified to this:

1 mile run

20 rounds of:

5 ring rows

10 wall push ups (my belly cones with almost all pushups now)

15 air squats

1 mile run

I forgot to check the time when I finished but I think it was around 40 minutes. As I was headed out on the second mile of the run, I overheard one of the high school who was getting ready to start ask one of the coaches if I was pregnant. When he confirmed that I was, the kid responded with an impressed sounding “damn!” which totally boosted my ego!
I took Tuesday off, back in on Wednesday. Took Thursday off due to pride about my slow running pace and concern that I may be running alone. I decided I won’t let my fears hold me back from group runs even if it means I may be running alone. And today (Friday), I was back on the gym for an easy workout. I noticed today that I had to use a wider stance during my deadlifts to accomodate my belly at the bottom of the movement. The metcon was single unders and sit ups so I subbed assault bike calories and mountain climbers. SU’s and Sit ups were both things that I was relatively good at and were pretty easy so it’s hard to see everyone speed by me as I pedal along slowly.

What I’m Wondering:

If I’ll run another race this pregnancy. I do t have anything on the schedule but I realized that I do really well lately when I have a goal race to work towards. Nothing yet but we’ll see.


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