Baby and Fitness, weeks 23 & 24

It’s been another busy few weeks for me; I traveled again, this time to Maine with my family for a vacation. I have one more tiny bit of travel (tonight actually) and then I’m home for the time being. I have a little bit of a drive to go out of town at least one more time before baby but we’ll see.

Week 23 (pic is 23 and a few days)

Week 24

How I’m Feeling:

As I’ve written in my past updates, I really can’t complain. I’ve felt normal for the most part and any symptoms I have experienced, have been minor.  I had that little bout of nausea which seemed manageable with nightly B6 and Unisom but I think that’s subsided as well-I haven’t taken the B6 Unisom combo in a few nights and I’ve had no issues. I still am having heartburn daily but once or twice daily Pepcid followed by some tums before bed seems to do the trick. I’ve been sleeping well aside from some difficulty sleeping in an overly soft Air BnB bed. I’m still up at night to pee once or twice but it’s way better than the 3 or 4 times a night of a few months ago.

I’m definitely getting bigger and am very obviously pregnant, and really I have been for some time. I’m reaching the point where bending over is difficult. I dread putting my shoes on for Crossfit each morning as I definitely feel my lungs being compressed. At night, I feel huge and all I want to do is sprawl on my bed with my belly hanging out.

Movement is fairly constant and I can see it sometimes though not daily. There does some to be a little bit of predictability to the movement but I’m not quite sure just yet. I typically feel kicks super low and sometimes (but not often) a bit higher, near my bellybutton. Chris felt a few strong kicks last week right around my belly button hough which is always exciting. I’ve talked to Liam about feeling kicks soon and he has no interest in feeling that.

What I’m Eating:

I really felt like I ate all the food in Maine. I’m not a seafood eater (just doesn’t appeal to me usually) but I had this intense desire for a lobster roll. Once eaten, craving was satisfied and that was all the lobster for me. Other notable things I ate on vacation were an amazing pomegranate donut from Holy Donut, an excellent grilled haloumi on top of fresh watermelon, and an incredible combo of bone broth over grains with an over easy egg. We definitely indulged while we were gone! I tried to balance it with some healthier options as well as cooked a few meals on our own but it was nice to live it up. That being said, since I’ve been home, I’ve been craving, simple, homemade food.

some Maine highlights

I did however have this intense craving for a Hershey Gold Bar last night (the best combo of sweet and salty) and finally gave in a bought one after I went to the gym this morning.


In a nutshell, I’ve taken a lot of rest. I had been sticking to my 5 days per week gym attendance that had been working for me over the last few weeks, however, once I got to Maine, I had a really limited drive to workout. I usually run when I’m on vacation because it’s easy and I enjoy exploring the area that I’m staying in by foot. But after running 3 beautiful but uncomfortable miles on the beach, I had no desire to run again. It felt hard despite a slow pace, and I felt pressure in my lower pelvic area. To feel like I’m running 9 minute pace and then have my watch beep 11 and change was frustrating.

Also frustrating is the fact that I’m modifying so many things gym wise right now that to do a home based WOD is also a challenge-burpees, push ups, and situps are either out or limited so I decided to just give myself permission to relax. I focused on getting steps in and of moving my body in ways that felt good, like hiking.

Hiking Jordan Pond

I did head back to the gym today and despite a hard and heavy metcon, it felt good to be back. We did front squats during the strength portion and I noticed that my belly seems to pull me forward a bit but I was able to work through it. The metcon was a tough one:

80 hand release push ups- I modified to elevated push ups

40 pull ups- I modified to ring rows

and then 10 rounds of macho man ( 3 power cleans, 3 fronts squats, 3 jerks) where I used 65 #’s. I probably would’ve used 75 or maaaaaybe 85 if not pregnant.

What I’m Wondering: 

If I’m experiencing braxton hicks contractions-I think I am but I don’t have the tell tale sign of hardening in my stomach. I see my midwife on Monday and will ask then. Also wondering when/if I’ll get off of pelvic rest. I have an ultrasound scheduled for July so hopefully we will find out more then.

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