Fitness and baby, weeks 27 and 28

Happy third trimester!!! I decided I'd count 27 weeks as my official 3rd tri, though the internet says all sorts of things. How I'm Feeling: Well, I definitely feel pregnant. I've noticed that things are much harder for me lately; turning over in bed, tying my shoes, bending all the way forward to give Liam … Continue reading Fitness and baby, weeks 27 and 28


Fitness and Baby, Week 25

Week 25 (I think my belly looks smaller in the pic than it actually is but this was the only pic I had) How I'm Feeling: Once again, I absolutely cannot complain-I feel great! I definitely feel pregnant at times but the discomfort is so minimal, it's easy to forget. This week, I noticed some … Continue reading Fitness and Baby, Week 25