Fitness and Baby, Week 25

Week 25 (I think my belly looks smaller in the pic than it actually is but this was the only pic I had) How I'm Feeling: Once again, I absolutely cannot complain-I feel great! I definitely feel pregnant at times but the discomfort is so minimal, it's easy to forget. This week, I noticed some … Continue reading Fitness and Baby, Week 25

Training Updates: Running, Lifting and Whole 30

I've had a good few months of training.  My lifts have been going up (I hit a 205 freaking pound deadlift!).  My runs have felt effortless and fun.  And, I've been able to hit some gymastic-ey stuff at the gym that's alluded me since starting Crossfit almost 2 year ago (can you believe it's been … Continue reading Training Updates: Running, Lifting and Whole 30