Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 1/2 Marathon Recap

After a whirlwind day Saturday (8k race in the morning-swimming lessons-graduation party-driving over 100 miles-solo parenting-collapsing in bed exhausted at 8pm), I woke up Sunday morning with that feeling of just being ready to get the race over with.  I had gotten a good night of sleep but knew that I had another long day … Continue reading Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 1/2 Marathon Recap

Reverse Taper Week 1

Last we left off, I was a few days post race and planning on heading out for 30-40 minutes of easy effort running.  I met up with Amy at the gym on Thursday morning.  I had hoped to run outside but with chilly temps and rain, the gym sounded way more appealing.  In hindsight it … Continue reading Reverse Taper Week 1