Catching up

Hi! I'm back....still here and still training.  Just missed a few weeks of posting.  Work has been and will likely continue to be busy over the next few months as we prepare for a huge audit in the fall. My desire to write has somewhat waned as I've spent the majority of the day up … Continue reading Catching up


Week in review-taper time!!

Last week I reduced my running in preparation for the Rite Aid Cleveland 8k and Half Marathon.  I only ran twice (out of 3 total planned runs) and cut my mileage pretty significantly.  I've talked before about my struggle with resting/recovering but I think I took it to a new level these last few weeks. … Continue reading Week in review-taper time!!

Week in Review: Procrastination Edition

I've been neglecting my poor little blog! I completely missed posting the last few weeks of training.  Between general life stressors, being in the thick of the "sandwich generation" and some avoidance of adulting, I haven't posted any training at all in the last few weeks. I've been running which is definitely a plus and … Continue reading Week in Review: Procrastination Edition