Cleveland 5k Training and Life Updates

As I've shared in my last few posts, my father in law has been battling a serious illness for the last few weeks.  He died peacefully yesterday morning, closing a chapter in our lives that will for me, forever be remembered by great conversations around my dining room table, visits to the car show, and … Continue reading Cleveland 5k Training and Life Updates


Cleveland 5k -Week 4 Recap!

Made it through another week! As I mentioned in my last post, I am taking each workout one at a time.  I've found that when I give myself the flexibility to bail if needed, I am more than likely to make it work.  It's a kind of reverse psychology thing with me: If I don't … Continue reading Cleveland 5k -Week 4 Recap!

Week in Review-My Highest Mileage Week (EVER!!) and My First 10k

50ish miles-yep my highest weekly mileage ever. Caveat-I only started tracking mileage in mid 2014 despite beginning to run in 2010.  It's possible that I have hit 50 miles in the past and just don't know it. I am very low key when it comes to tracking-simple iphone notes for me.  I've tried Strava and … Continue reading Week in Review-My Highest Mileage Week (EVER!!) and My First 10k

Weekly Recap+Whole30 final thoughts & #runCLE40

Have you registered for The Rite Aid 2017 Cleveland Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 10k, 5k or Challenge Series yet?!?! Head on over to Jamie's  Instagram  for another chance to win an entry this week! Have you seen the new course map?? Seriously makes me want to run the marathon again this year.....tbd! Whole 30 wrap up: … Continue reading Weekly Recap+Whole30 final thoughts & #runCLE40