RunUltraInspired Coaching

Are you ready to start running? Or to take your running to the next level? I am here to help you achieve your goals! As an RRCA Certified Adult Distance Coach, I am qualified to help you start, maintain and improve your running.  From the 5k to the Ultra Marathon, I am able to assist you with planning, training and achieving! I offer multiple levels of support at various price points from basic consulting to more advanced 1:1 levels of training.

If you’re interested in working with me, send me an email at

Features Basic Elite
1:1 Consultation


Personalized Training Plan with Detailed Workout Instructions X X
Weekly Training Log Review with Adjustments to Plan if Necessary X X
Communication with Coach for Questions, Concerns, and Consulting Once Per Week Unlimited
Monthly Training Progress Summary X
1:1 workouts once per month (track, tempo, hills, or long run) X
Attendance and Support at Local Races X
Price Monthly $50 $100
Price for a 12  Week Training Cycle $125 $250

*Customized coaching packages available-prices upon request*