Reflections on 2017 and Year in Review

Can you believe we are already over a week into 2018?? I feel like just yesterday, I was writing my 2016 recap! This year has really not turned out how I predicted and planned, and I am ok with that.  Initially, I thought I would complete several big races: O24, Mohican Marathon, BT50k and Burning River … Continue reading Reflections on 2017 and Year in Review


Doan Creek 25k Race Recap

Another weekend, another race.  I really didn't think through my training plan when I committed to 3 races within 4 weeks.  When I signed up for Doan Creek, way back in February, it seemed so far off and distant that I kind of put it out of my mind.  So when it popped up on … Continue reading Doan Creek 25k Race Recap

Week in Review: Procrastination Edition

I've been neglecting my poor little blog! I completely missed posting the last few weeks of training.  Between general life stressors, being in the thick of the "sandwich generation" and some avoidance of adulting, I haven't posted any training at all in the last few weeks. I've been running which is definitely a plus and … Continue reading Week in Review: Procrastination Edition

Week in Review + Let’s Get Serious For a Minute

The last week of training was a definite uptick in mileage which is a good sign at two weeks post race.  In a nutshell, I am recovering, reverse tapering, peaking, tapering and racing again.  That's a lot!! All things considered it's going pretty well.  I feel good and have no signs of overtraining; no fatigue, … Continue reading Week in Review + Let’s Get Serious For a Minute

Week in Review-Crazy Weather and Post Whole30 Pains

Last week definitely did not go as planned!! From crazy weather to a post Whole30 hangover, last week did not pan out as I had planned/hoped.  But what choice is there but to roll with the punches?  If anything, it's a practice of patience and acceptance and a little of that never hurts! Freaking out … Continue reading Week in Review-Crazy Weather and Post Whole30 Pains

Weekly Recap+Whole30 final thoughts & #runCLE40

Have you registered for The Rite Aid 2017 Cleveland Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 10k, 5k or Challenge Series yet?!?! Head on over to Jamie's  Instagram  for another chance to win an entry this week! Have you seen the new course map?? Seriously makes me want to run the marathon again this year.....tbd! Whole 30 wrap up: … Continue reading Weekly Recap+Whole30 final thoughts & #runCLE40